Kefir Grains Tutorial & Second Fermentation - Tayyiba Farms Exclusive
Instructions: Use non-metalic tools and jars/containers that are cleaned with light detergent
Use one or more tablespoon kefir grains per liter of milk. If using less, use less milk. If using raw milk, use four times the amount of grains, due to raw milk spoiling and souring before the grains can get to work.
Leave at room temperature for 8 -15 hours or at desired consistency and taste, strain grains and repeat process.
Never heat the kefir grains or use warm milk
To store grains for later usage, place in the refrigerator in fresh milk, changing the milk around every 10 days.
Take note of seasonal fermenting - summer yields quickferments (5 to 9h) while winter is longer (10-18h).
Second Fermentation: Add your choice of flavoring, from fruit juice, extract, spice, piece of fruit, honey, etc and leave to ferment from 12 to 24 additional hours depending on your desired flavor consistency. This fermentation will take place without grains and from the strained kefir drink only. Adding fruits or honey that have high sweetness ratio to the kefir can render an inedible results. Make sure ratio is around 1 tablespoon honey to 1L. Note, Using raw honey can inject competitive antimicrobial properties and effect the balance of kefir probiotic cultures and yeast.