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24 Aug Understanding the Shelf Life of Kefir Water: Factors That Impact Bacterial Activity
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Shelf Life of Water Kefir First Fermentation - Understanding the Timeline:Kefir water, a fermented beverage known for its probiotic content and potential health benefits, undergoes a fascinating trans..
03 May How To Use Collagen-Rich Bone Broth To Help With Leaky Gut
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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use collagen-rich bone broth for leaky gut:Step 1: Purchase or make high-quality bone broth To start using bone broth for leaky gut, you need to have a high-qual..
01 Jun How To Use Colostrum For Leaky-Gut
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Step-by-step guide on using raw colostrum for a treatment for leaky gutStep 1: Source Quality Colostrum Obtain raw bovine colostrum from a trusted source that follows proper hygiene and safety prac..
24 Feb Kombucha Tutorial - Step by Step Infographics - With Arabic
24 Feb Jun Tea Brewing Tutorial - Step by Step Infographics - With Arabic
24 Feb Milk Kefir Grain Tutorial - Infographic Steps
10 Feb Colostrum Benefits
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Colostrum has been studied for its potential therapeutic benefits and is believed to offer several advantages when used as a treatment. Here are some of the potential benefits associated with colost..
30 Oct Collagen Rich Jelly Broth - What You Need To Know
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Collagen Jelly Broth-Everything You Need to KnowIn the past decade, there's been a recovery of hereditary and customary diets. First on the scene was paleo with an accentuation on grass-fed meats,..
14 Sep GMO Contamination Screening - Alfalfa and Corn (Greens and Grains)
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We have ran an analysis for our alfalfa and grawa greens that we feed our livestock with, which came out negative for GMO contamination. Additionally we have also ran the analysis for our corn grain k..
16 Jun Kefir Grains Tutorial & Second Fermentation
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Kefir Grains Tutorial & Second Fermentation - Tayyiba Farms ExclusiveInstructions: Use non-metalic tools and jars/containers that are cleaned with light detergentUse one or more tables..
16 Jun How To Brew Kombucha and Second Fermentation - Tayyiba Farms Exclusive
03 Feb Bovine Colostrum
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Colostrum is a dense fluid produced by mammals after giving birth. Essentially, this fluid is a precursor to breast milk that the mother produces in order to feed the child. The term Bovine Colostrum..
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