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Siwa Rock Salt - 250g - Coarse

Siwa Rock Salt - 250g - Coarse
Siwa Rock Salt - 250g - Coarse
  • Product Code: TF-siwarocksalt
  • Weight: 250.00g
15.00 LE
Refined and iodized export grade powdered Siwa rock salt

Egyptian Siwa Salt
Siwa is an oasis located 800 km from the Egyptian capital Cairo. It is in the heart of the western desert of Egypt and rich in natural resources.
Groundwater springs are scattered in the oasis, date and olive groves, and long stretches along the seashore, white gold Salt lakes or navigators surround the oasis on an area of 55,000 acres, lakes that produce a rare quality of salt, called white gold oasis. The production of these lakes is estimated at 60 million tons of salt.
The Siwa salt has the highest concentration in the world, and is frequented by industrial and European countries not only for its high melting capacity of roads and airports’ ice, because it contains 1,400 elements in many industries.
Salt from the Siwa Oasis is unique as it is generated from unique geographical phenomena. The area of Siwa is 18 meters below sea level and the salt is unique.
Siwa is one of the most remote and isolated areas from the world pollution. The Salt extracted from Siwa is principally known and recognized for its low moisture content and its exceptionally high purity of Sodium Chloride.

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