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Shea Butter - West African Unrefined/Raw

Shea Butter - West African Unrefined/Raw
Shea Butter - West African Unrefined/Raw
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Product Description:

Experience the pure goodness of our 100% All Natural and Organic Shea Butter sourced directly from Northern Ghana. This shea butter is of the highest quality, food-grade, and versatile, making it suitable for both external and culinary uses.


  • Premium Quality: Our shea butter is sourced from Northern Ghana, known for its rich and authentic shea butter production. It's 100% all-natural and organic, ensuring you receive the highest quality.

  • Food-Grade Versatility: Not only perfect for external use, but this shea butter is also food-grade, allowing you to incorporate it into your culinary creations for an added touch of richness and nutrition.

  • Single Ingredient: Crafted with simplicity in mind, our shea butter contains only one ingredient – Unrefined Shea Butter. Pure, straightforward, and free from additives.

Additional Information:

  • Ingredients: Unrefined Shea Butter
  • Production Date: September 2023
  • Expiration Date: 2 years from the production date

Indulge in the natural and nourishing benefits of our shea butter. Use it to enhance your skincare routine or elevate your culinary endeavors with its food-grade versatility. Embrace the goodness of unrefined shea butter, a timeless beauty and wellness secret.

Note: Shea butter is a natural product, and variations in color and consistency may occur. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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