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Raw Frozen Colostrum

Raw Frozen Colostrum
Raw Frozen Colostrum
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Raw Frozen Colostrum
Raw Frozen Colostrum
Raw Frozen Colostrum
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  • Weight: 500.00g
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Raw frozen bovine colostrum

Experience the purity of nature with our Raw Frozen Bovine Colostrum. This unique substance, produced by mammals after giving birth, is a precursor to breast milk, providing essential nourishment for newborns. Our bovine colostrum specifically comes from cows.

Key Features:

  • Precious Nutrients: Colostrum is rich in proteins, fats, minerals, and antibodies, offering vital nutrition and protection to newborn calves.

  • Guardian Against Illness: This colostrum shields calves from a wide range of bacteria and viruses, bolstering their health and well-being.

  • Natural and Wholesome: Bovine Colostrum is a light yellow for cows and white/pale for buffalo, goat, and camel. Its taste and aroma closely resemble buttermilk.

  • Health and Wellness: Beyond its role as a dairy product, Bovine Colostrum is also valued as a health supplement, thanks to its numerous health benefits.

  • Variety of Sources: Our colostrum can originate from cows (yellow), buffalo (creamy white), goat, or camel (pale white), allowing you to choose your preference.

  • Fresh and Potent: Our colostrum is sourced from the first and second-day milk of cow or buffalos, ensuring freshness and potency.

Comes in a 500mL frozen bottle.

Experience the power of nature's nourishment with our Raw Frozen Bovine Colostrum. Whether you seek natural nutrition or explore its potential as a supplement, our colostrum delivers purity and vitality. Elevate your wellness journey with this exceptional product.

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