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Raw Frozen Colostrum

Raw Frozen Colostrum
Raw Frozen Colostrum
  • Product Code: TF-colostrum
  • Weight: 500.00g
60.00 LE

Raw frozen bovine colostrum

Comes in 500mL frozen bottle


Colostrum is a dense fluid produced by mammals after giving birth. Essentially, this fluid is a precursor to breast milk that the mother produces in order to feed the child. The term Bovine Colostrum refers specifically to the colostrum produced by cows.

Colostrum contains many kinds of proteins, fats, minerals, and antibodies that are beneficial for the health of the newly born calf. This colostrum not only provides rich nutrition to calves but also protects them from many kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Bovine Colostrum is light yellow in color for cow and white/pale for buffalo, goat and camel. It has a taste and smell that strongly resembles buttermilk. Because of its numerous health benefits, Bovine Colostrum is sold not only as a dairy product but also in the form of health supplements in the market.

Our colostrum can be from cow which could be a yellow color, buffalo which would be a thick creamy white, or goat and camel which would be pale white.

The colostrum available is from first and second day cow milk


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