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Buy fresh Madagascar vanilla pods.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Pods
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Pods
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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Pods
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Pods
Buy fresh Madagascar vanilla pods.
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Buy fresh grade A Bournon Madgascar vanilla pods. These pods are fresh from 2020 crop season. 30% moisture and oily.

While supplies last, fresh vanilla pods, not brittle, not dry, plyable not to mention potent

Comes vacuum-sealed

Net weight: 5g

Pod length: 12-14cm

Country of origin: Madagascar

Variety: Bourbon

Dried vanilla pods are very powerful antioxidants that slow down all aging processes in our body.

Why vanilla is useful

Natural vanilla improves digestion, tones the body, helps to treat fever, rheumatism
It is used for nervous disorders and even mental illness and excessive sleepiness
Vanilla has a beneficial effect on women in case of premenstrual syndrome and climacteric neurosis
In folk medicine, vanilla is recommended for the complex treatment of dyspepsia
Spice relieves cramps, stimulates muscle activity
Has a sedative and relaxing effect


What are vanilla beans?

Vanilla beans are fruit pods produced by tropical climbing orchids, Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla pompona and Vanilla tahitiensis. Among the 3 cultivars, V.planifolia is the most common worldwide. The beans are pleasantly fragrant and have been used since the ancient time by Mayan people to flavor their chocolate drinks. Even now, vanilla is used worldwide for giving sweet fragrant to foods and drinks, such as cakes, cookies, and vanilla milk.

Vanilla beans are highly priced. They are native to tropical rainforests in Central America, but now already spread to other tropical countries because of European explorers. Now, vanilla beans are grown commercially in Madagascar, Indonesia, India, Puerto Rico and West Indies.


We may buy vanilla in its dry brown pods or vanilla extracts. The pods undergo some process until they are dry and dark-brown like we usually find in stores. The unripe pods are harvested when they reach 13-20 cm length, and begin to have light-yellow color. Then they are blanched briefly in boiling water, then dried in the sun for 2-3 weeks until they become dry, thin, shriveled and have dark-brown color.

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