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Wild Tropical Rainforest Honey - Organic

Wild Tropical Rainforest Honey - Organic
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Wild Tropical Rainforest Honey - Organic
  • Brand: Tayyiba Farms
  • Product Code: TF-wildhoney-africa
  • Weight: 250.00g
320.00 LE

Experience the Richness of Wild Tropical Rainforest Honey - Straight from West Africa

Indulge in the luxurious taste of our premium raw organic unpasteurized wild tropical rainforest honey, harvested from the lush landscapes of West Africa. This exceptional honey is meticulously produced within the tropical Upper Guinean Rainforest of Ghana, where an array of exotic flora including teak trees, neem trees, and cashew trees contribute to its unique flavor profile.

Handcrafted with care by the indigenous tribes of the region, our commitment to organic practices ensures that this honey is a pure and unadulterated delight, free from any unwanted additives. Savor the goodness of nature as you dip into this darker colored honey that embodies the essence of the rainforest.

Each 250g glass jar is a testament to the craftsmanship of the beekeepers and the natural richness of the environment. The honey within captures the essence of the rainforest, transporting you to the heart of West Africa with every taste.

Produced in May 2023, this honey represents the peak of its quality and flavor. Delight in the natural sweetness and character of wild tropical rainforest honey, an exquisite creation from the heart of West Africa.

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