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Nigella Sativa (Black-Seed) Honey - Raw Unpasteurized - New Season 2023

Nigella Sativa (Black-Seed) Honey - Raw Unpasteurized - New Season 2023
Nigella Sativa (Black-Seed) Honey - Raw Unpasteurized - New Season 2023
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Savor the Richness of Premium Raw Unpasteurized Nigella Black Seed Honey

Delight in the natural goodness of our premium raw unpasteurized nigella black seed honey, a true gem sourced from the pristine valleys of Upper Egypt. Collected from a clean and pure environment, this extraordinary honey is free from any harmful chemicals and ensures a genuine taste of nature's bounty.

Our nigella black seed honey comes in a generous 1kg jar, offering you an ample supply of this exquisite delicacy. Its captivating darker color hints at the depth of its flavor, making it a unique and enticing addition to your pantry.

Harvested in May 2023, this honey is a result of meticulous care and respect for the natural world. The bees diligently gather nectar from the blossoms of nigella black seed flowers, imbuing the honey with a distinct and alluring taste that sets it apart from other varieties.

Nigella black seed honey is cherished for its potential health benefits, as nigella black seeds are known for their rich nutritional profile. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this honey becomes not only a delicious treat but also a natural source of nourishment.

Unlock the treasures of the Upper Egypt valleys with every spoonful of our nigella black seed honey. Embrace the authentic taste and embrace the goodness of this unique honey variety, harvested from the heart of nature itself. Elevate your culinary experiences and embark on a journey of health and delight with this extraordinary honey.

May 2024 Harvest
Source: Upper Egypt

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