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Kimchi - Active Whey Water Based - 850g

Kimchi - Active Whey Water Based - 850g
2-3 Days
Kimchi - Active Whey Water Based - 850g
  • Product Code: TF-kimchi
  • Weight: 850.00g
175.00 LE

Product Description:

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our fermented spicy Kimchi. Crafted through a unique fermentation process using an active culture whey base, enriched with kefir and yogurt cultures, this Kimchi stands out as a rare super probiotic food. Bursting with probiotics, minerals, and vitamins, our Kimchi is a true delight for your taste buds and a boost for your digestive health. We pride ourselves on not using any preservatives, offering you a natural and wholesome culinary experience.


  • Exceptional Fermentation: Our Kimchi is fermented using an active culture whey base, harnessing the power of kefir and yogurt cultures. This special fermentation process results in a super probiotic-rich food that is loaded with essential nutrients.

  • Natural and Wholesome: We believe in keeping our Kimchi natural and free from any preservatives. The ingredients are carefully chosen, ensuring a pure and authentic product that prioritizes your health.

  • Rich in Probiotics: The fermentation process, combined with the active cultures, makes this Kimchi a rich source of probiotics, aiding in better digestion and promoting a healthy gut.

Additional Information:

  • Ingredients: White cabbage, daikon or red radish, carrots, leaks, green onions, active whey water, Siwa refined rock salt, gluten-free fish sauce, red pepper flakes, fermented red pepper base, minced garlic, minced ginger, fermenting sugar.

  • Net Weight: 850g

  • Packaging: Comes in a 1000mL jar

  • Preservation: The only preservative required is refrigeration. Please keep refrigerated.

  • Best Before: 3 months from production

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