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Kimchi - Active Whey Water Based - 850g

Kimchi - Active Whey Water Based - 850g
2-3 Days
Kimchi - Active Whey Water Based - 850g
  • Product Code: TF-kimchi
  • Weight: 850.00g
115.00 LE

Enjoy our fermented spicy Kimchi. Our Kimchi is fermented in active culture whey base, which includes active kefir and yogurt cultures, this combined with the fermentation process yields a rare super probiotic food that is super-duper-rich in probiotics, minerals and vitamins. We do not use any preservatives. Salt used is pink Himalayan salt or Siwa rock salt

Ingredients: Chinese cabbage, daikon radish, red radish, carrots, leaks, green onions, active whey water, Siwa refined rock salt, gluten-free fish sauce, red pepper flakes, fermented red pepper base, minced garlic, minced ginger, fermenting sugar.

Net weight: 850g
Comes in 1050mL jar

Only preservative is refrigeration. Please keep refrigerated.
Best before: 3 month from production

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