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Kalamata Dolce Siwa Green Olives - 700g

Kalamata Dolce Siwa Green Olives - 700g
Kalamata Dolce Siwa Green Olives - 700g
  • Product Code: TF-tufahiolives
  • Weight: 700.00g
150.00 LE

Product Description: Kalamata Dolce Siwa Green Olives - 750g

Experience the exquisite taste of our Kalamata Dolce Siwa Olives, a premium selection crafted with care and tradition. Each 700g jar is a testament to the finest agricultural practices, delivering a product that is nearly organic, with only a single pesticide application at the beginning of the season to ensure purity and quality.

Our olives are meticulously harvested and preserved using Siwa raw rock salt, renowned for its natural richness and mineral content. This traditional curing process enhances the olives' natural sweetness, making them an ideal addition to any gourmet dish or as a standalone treat.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality: Hand-picked Kalamata and Siwa Green olives known for their distinctive flavor and texture.
  • Natural Ingredients: Cured with Siwa raw rock salt to maintain their authentic taste and nutritional benefits.
  • Minimal Pesticide Use: Practically organic, with only one pesticide application at the season's start, ensuring a healthier choice for your table.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for salads, appetizers, or as a delectable snack on their own.

Why Choose Kalamata Dolce Siwa Green Olives?

Our olives offer a unique combination of the robust, slightly tangy Kalamata variety and the mild, sweet flavor typical of dolce olives. This blend creates a harmonious taste experience that caters to diverse palates. The use of Siwa raw rock salt not only preserves the olives but also infuses them with essential minerals, making each bite a wholesome delight.

Indulge in the rich flavors and superior quality of our Kalamata Dolce Siwa Green Olives, and bring a touch of Mediterranean excellence to your culinary creations.

These olives embody the best of traditional methods and modern agricultural standards, ensuring you receive a product that is both delicious and conscientious. Treat yourself to the authentic taste of Kalamata Dolce Siwa Green Olives today.

Comes in 1000mL glass jar with around 750g net weight

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