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Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter - 50g

Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter - 50g
Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter - 50g
  • Product Code: TF-koji-kin
  • Weight: 50.00g
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Product: Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter - Craft Authentic Japanese Flavors with Pure Ingredients


Experience the magic of Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter, your essential companion for crafting authentic Japanese fermented delicacies. Inside this 50g package, you'll find the pure essence of Japanese tradition, with only two simple ingredients: brown rice flour and the Chouhaku-kin fungal spores.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Applications: Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter is your versatile ally in the world of Japanese fermentation. Tailored for a spectrum of recipes, it excels in various traditional culinary endeavors, including:

    • Making Amazake (Sweet Sake): Achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and umami.
    • Crafting Shio Koji (Salt Koji): Elevate your dishes with the subtle depth of flavor.
    • Preparing White Miso: Create the classic, mellow flavors of this beloved paste.
    • Formulating Rice and barley/wheat miso: Unlock rich, hearty tastes.
    • Crafting Bean miso: Craft your bean miso with confidence and authenticity.
    • Producing Shouyu (Japanese soy sauce): Begin your journey into the world of soy sauce.

  • Result: White Koji: Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter yields the coveted white koji, a fundamental ingredient in various Japanese cuisines. This koji starter creates a canvas of possibilities, allowing you to infuse your dishes with complex, nuanced flavors.

  • Ample Fermentation Capacity: With just 50g of Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter, you can ferment up to 15 kilograms (kg) of your chosen fermentable material, making it a cost-effective and versatile choice for your culinary creations.

  • Ease of Use: Whether you're a seasoned culinary artisan or a home cook, Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter is suitable for all skill levels. Its simplicity ensures that your fermentation journey is as enjoyable as it is rewarding.

Unlock the true essence of Japanese cuisine with Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter. Infuse your dishes with authentic flavors, unleash your creativity, and immerse yourself in the world of traditional Japanese fermentation. Order now to embark on your culinary journey with Chouhaku-kin Koji Starter - crafted from pure ingredients for pure culinary excellence!

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