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Milk Chocolate - Dried Mango, Cherries, and Pumpkin Seeds - 50g

Milk Chocolate - Dried Mango, Cherries, and Pumpkin Seeds - 50g
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Like you, we love chocolate. Recently, in Egypt we had a problem finding the right quality and taste. We decided to make our own. We bought the best ingredients from all over the world: cocoa from Ghana, Cocoa lacquer, Cocoa butter, nuts and artichoke nectar from Russia, coconut and coconut by products from Sri Lanka, Coconut butter from Bali, raisins from Iran, strawberries, oranges and figs from Egypt. We used honey, artichoke nectar, Stevia, and coconut sugar instead of sugar. We bought the most expensive ingredients for ourselves. We did not add any preservatives nor coloring.  We tried a few times till we perfected it. We ate and ate and ate our own chocolate and then decided to share with our extended family and friends. They loved them. We finally decided to share with you “From our home to yours with love.”

Comes in 50g chocolate size

Ingredients: cacao mass, cacao butter, honey, powder milk, dried mangoes and cherries, pumbkin seeds, pecans

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