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Olive Oil Soap - FOHTYWL

Olive Oil Soap - FOHTYWL
Olive Oil Soap - FOHTYWL
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Let’s be clear from the beginning. THERE IS NO SOAP WITHOUT LYE. Lye is a hydroxide that is the main ingredient for cleaning. We use oils to neutralize the alkaline nature of the hydroxide and to give nutrition to the skin. The people that claim that they make organic soap simply use a soap mix that already has the lye in it. Soap making is one of the oldest crafts in the world. 

Olive oil soap is a perfect skin moisturizer. It is a gentle make up remover. It is rich with antioxidants thus helps tighten the skin making it look younger. It has anti-inflammatory properties making it good for skin rashes. It helps many people with eczema and psoriasis. It also helps reducing acne. Adding Shea butter helps minimize scarring and provides gentle ultraviolet protection.

Ingredients: olive oil, 15% coconut oil, lye (sodium based)

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