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Introducing Active Whey Water, derived from strained kefir or yogurt. It's a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire, harnessing the power of active probiotic bacteria cultures. Enhancing the fermentation process, it infuses your dishes with probiotics, unlocking a world of delicious possibil..
70.00 LE
Savor the natural wonders of raw Altai forest honey, sourced directly from the majestic mountainous region of Altai in Russia. Harvested during the 2022/2023 season, this honey is a pure and unprocessed delight that retains its rich texture.Packaged in a jar with a generous net weight of 250g, our r..
360.00 LE
Bee Pollen - Russia - Unprocessed - 150g
-14 %
Introducing our premium Russian Bee Pollen, a natural superfood packed with a wealth of nutrients and health benefits. Sourced from the pristine meadows and forests of Russia, our bee pollen is meticulously collected from the hardworking bees that diligently gather pollen from a diverse range of flo..
300.00 LE 350.00 LE
100 % all natural sun-dried fermented cacao beans from West AfricaGrade A, food grade. Non-GMOComes in 100g kraft zipper bags..
65.00 LE
Introducing our Premium Grade Cacao Butter, sourced directly from the lush tropical rainforests of West Africa, specifically Ghana. Our cacao butter is derived from carefully selected cacao beans, ensuring the highest quality and preserving the natural richness of the cocoa plant.Unlike processed co..
210.00 LE
100 % all natural cacao liquor from West AfricaGrade A, Food Grade.  Non-GMO –  Cacao liquor paste is the pure essence of cacao and what 100% dark chocolate is derived fromUsed for culinary practices such as to make your own premium chocolatesIngredients: 100% cacao liquorS..
180.00 LE
Hand peeled cacao beans coming in mainly whole cacao beans or slightly broken upEasily to crumble to make cacao nibs or desired consistency for so called recipesGrade A, food grade. Non-GMOComes in 100g kraft zipper bags..
80.00 LE
Introducing our exceptional Unrefined Cacao Powder, a true treasure for chocolate lovers seeking the purest and most natural form of cacao. Sourced from the rich cocoa beans of West Africa, our cacao powder is carefully crafted to preserve its unrefined nature, ensuring an unparalleled depth of flav..
130.00 LE
Jun tea is an effervescent fermented health tonic roughly similar to kombucha but feeding on a dominant base of green tea and raw honey rather than a dominant base of black tea and concentrated Cane Sugar. So little credible information exists about Jun that even its most basic characteristics are i..
250.00 LE
Kombucha with SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) - 720mL
-20 %
Introducing our Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), the essential ingredient for brewing your own homemade Kombucha. Our SCOBY is carefully nurtured and cultivated to ensure optimal health and fermentation, allowing you to create your own delicious and nutritious Kombucha right..
200.00 LE 250.00 LE
Enjoy mountain Kyrgyzstan sainfoin and wildflower honey. World renowned, irresistible taste & benefits, a heavenly mountain honey with a wondrous white creamy color. From 2022/2023 seasonMountain Kyrgyzstan honey is collected from a huge number of wild flowers and plants far away from exposure t..
380.00 LE
Enjoy creamy linden honey from the Far East from 2022/2023 season. Comes raw, non-heat treated, thick and naturally creamy.Comes in wide jar with net weight 250gAnother name for this honey is "Royal Linden". Far Eastern linden is nectar from such types of linden as Amur, Take and Manchurian.Far..
350.00 LE
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