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We offer active whey water. Whey water has many uses from using it as a brine for fermenting, to gardening, to using it in replace of water for cooking. Our whey water comes active from strained kefir or yogurt.Using active whey in fermenting will render the ‘Ultimate Superfood’ due to the acti..
55.00 LE
100 % all natural sun-dried cacao beans from West AfricaGrade A, food grade. Non-GMOComes in 100g kraft zipper bags..
55.00 LE
100 % all natural cacao butter from West AfricaGrade A, food grade. Cacao aroma - Non-GMOUsed for culinary practices such as to make your own premium chocolates (especially white chocolate). Lower grade cocoa butter is used for external body preparationsIngredients: unrefined cacao butte..
185.00 LE
Jun tea is an effervescent fermented health tonic roughly similar to kombucha but feeding on a dominant base of green tea and raw honey rather than a dominant base of black tea and concentrated Cane Sugar. So little credible information exists about Jun that even its most basic characteristics are i..
200.00 LE
Enjoy organic kombucha with SCOBY ready for fermenting your own immediate batches.Comes in 1L glass jarHealth Benefits of Kombucha TeaDetoxifies the Body Improves Digestion Promotes Weight Loss Protects Liver Maintains Cholesterol Levels Prevents Heart Diseases Controls Diabetes P..
200.00 LE
Enjoy creamy linden honey from the Far East. Comes raw, non-heat treated, thick and naturally creamy.Comes in wide jar with net weight 345gAnother name for this honey is "Royal Linden". Far Eastern linden is nectar from such types of linden as Amur, Take and Manchurian.Far Eastern linden honey ..
249.00 LE
Enjoy premium raw unpastuerized black seed honey. Sourced from a clean pure source in Upper Egypt valleys that is free from chemicals and harvesting from sprayed sucrose.Comes in 900g jar. A darker colored honeySource: Upper Egypt..
150.00 LE
Now available unprocessed propolis. Direct from the beekeepers from the Russian Federation. This propolis is sourced deep in the Siberian, Altai mountain region of Russia, world renowned and away from civilization or settlements. Propolis in its truest form.Bee propolis is a brown protective sub..
250.00 LE
Bee propolis is a brown protective substance that bees make from a mixture of beeswax, resins, sap, botanical compounds, and their own saliva. Its name comes from the Greek pro meaning “in defense of” and polis meaning “city” — making its literal meaning “in defense of the city” (or hive).Some b..
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Enjoy psyllium seed husk meal. Psyllium seed and husk are milled into a fine meal. Psyllium husk comes from the seeds of a plantain variety in the genus Plantago. Plantains (not related to the plantain banana) are one of the most widely dispersed wild herbs in the world.  Psyllium seed is widel..
225.00 LE
Now available unprocessed royal jelly. Direct from the honey farms.Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of larvae, as well as adult queens. It is secreted from the glands in the hypopharynx of nurse bees, and fed to all larvae in the colony, regardless of sex or cas..
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Enjoy our fermented sauerkraut. Our sauerkraut is fermented in active culture whey base, which includes active kefir and yogurt cultures, this combined with the fermentation process yields a rare super probiotic food that is super-duper-rich in probiotics, minerals and vitamins. We do not use any pr..
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