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Fayoumi Balady Chicken - 1.1kg

Fayoumi Balady Chicken - 1.1kg
Fayoumi Balady Chicken - 1.1kg
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Fayoumi Balady Chicken - 1.1kg
Fayoumi Balady Chicken - 1.1kg
Fayoumi Balady Chicken - 1.1kg
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Product Description:

Savor the unrivaled taste of our Grass and Grain Fed Fayoumi Baladi Chickens, thoughtfully raised in the sprawling barns nestled deep within unpolluted valleys by dedicated farmers. Known for their robust nature and well-suited adaptability to warm climates, these chickens are a testament to the rich agricultural heritage of the Fayoum region.


  • Free-Roaming Lifestyle: Our Fayoumi Baladi Chickens enjoy the freedom to roam within spacious barn areas on the farms deep in the unpolluted valleys. This allows them to express natural behaviors and contribute to their overall well-being.

  • Balanced Diet: Raised on a diet rich in grass and grains, these chickens thrive under the care of our farmers. The balance of nutrition contributes to the exceptional flavor and quality of their meat.

  • Resilient Breed: Fayoumis are celebrated for their resilience and adaptability to challenging environments. Bred through careful genetic considerations, they flourish in the warm and natural surroundings of our deep valley farms.

  • Natural Foraging: The free-roaming lifestyle allows Fayoumi chickens to exhibit their natural foraging instincts, contributing to their unique and delectable meat.

  • Infection Resistance: Through years of poultry genetics research, Fayoumis are believed to demonstrate heightened resistance to viral and bacterial infections, ensuring the health and vitality of each chicken.

  • Egg-Laying Excellence: Fayoumi hens are prolific layers of small, off-white eggs, beginning as early as four and a half months. This makes them a practical choice for those seeking a sustainable and local egg supply.

  • Limited Broodiness: While not prone to broodiness in their early stages, Fayoumi hens may exhibit broodiness after reaching two or three years of age.

  • Quick Maturation: Fayoumi chickens mature rapidly, with hens laying eggs at four and a half months and cockerels crowing at just five or six weeks.

Additional Information:

  • Packaging: Your order of Fayoumi Baladi Chickens will be delivered cleaned and frozen, ensuring freshness and convenience. Each chicken is vacuum-sealed in bags weighing around 1kg

Immerse yourself in the unique qualities of Fayoumi Baladi Chickens, raised in the pristine barns deep within unpolluted valleys by caring farmers. Each bite reflects the dedication to ethical farming practices and the distinctive flavors of this exceptional breed.

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