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Fayoumi Balady Chicken

Fayoumi Balady Chicken
Fayoumi Balady Chicken
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Fayoumi Balady Chicken
Fayoumi Balady Chicken
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Fayoumi Balady Chicken
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Grass and grain fed fayoumi baladi chickens raised on a farm in the deep valley.

Delivered cleaned and frozen in vacuum sealed bags of 0.7-2kg


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Faiyumis are a hardy breed, and particularly well suited to hot climates. The breed, through poultry genetics research and anecdotal reports, is thought to be especially resistant to viral and bacterial infections. They are also very good foragers, and if left to their own devices on a free range basis they can fend for themselves in a nearly feral manner. Faiyumi hens are good layers of small, off-white eggs. They are not given to broodiness as pullets, but can be when they reach two or three years of age. The breed is fast to mature, with hens laying by four and half months, and cockerels crowing at five or six weeks.

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