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Leg of Goat 500g - Chopped

Leg of Goat 500g - Chopped
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Leg of Goat 500g - Chopped
  • Product Code: TF-goatleg
  • Weight: 500.00g
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Savor the delicious taste of our locally sourced goat meat, carefully raised on our farm in the picturesque Fayoum district of Egypt. Our goats enjoy a diverse diet consisting of approximately 60% grass-fed goodness, allowing them to graze on the pastures of our farm. To supplement their diet and ensure optimal nutrition, we also provide them with a blend of GMO-free corn kernels, wheat shells, hay, dates, and some beans. This balanced feeding regimen results in tender and flavorful meat that embodies the natural goodness of our farm. Each 500g piece of our hand-cut goat leg is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices. Indulge in the rich flavors and superior quality of our goat meat, proudly sourced from our farm in the Fayoum district.

Enjoy the unique combination of grass-fed goodness and carefully selected grains that contribute to the exceptional taste and quality of our goat meat. From our farm to your table, experience the true essence of locally raised and thoughtfully nourished goat meat.

Delivered frozen packaged in 500g portions.

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