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Veal Tenderloin Cuts - 500g

Veal Tenderloin Cuts - 500g
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Veal Tenderloin Cuts - 500g
  • Product Code: TF-veal-tenderloin
  • Weight: 500.00g
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Product Description:

Experience the delectable taste of our boneless veal cuts sourced from the tenderloin area. Indulge in the rich flavor and tenderness of balady veal, carefully selected from a livestock farm nestled deep in the valley. We take pride in providing a clean source of veal, shielded from pollution, and benefiting from the purest water.


  • Balady Veal: Delight in the exquisite taste of balady veal, known for its superior quality and succulence.

  • Pure Source: Our veal is sourced from a farm situated deep in the valley, ensuring a clean environment and access to the purest water.

  • Natural Feed: The veal is nourished with a blend of domestic greens and grains, including green corn, alfalfa, corn kernels, beans, and wheat shells.

  • Seasonal Variation: The ratio of greens to grains ranges from 50-80%, depending on the season and farm conditions, ensuring a varied and balanced diet.

Additional Information:

  • Frozen Freshness: Your veal cuts will be delivered frozen in convenient 500g vacuum-sealed bags, preserving their freshness and flavor.

  • Versatile Cuts: Our veal comes pre-cut into various fillet cuts, making it easy for you to prepare and enjoy in a variety of culinary dishes.

  • Trimmed of Fat: We take care to trim excess fat from the cuts, ensuring that you receive lean and tender veal for a delightful dining experience.

  • Ethical Sourcing: We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in sourcing our veal, promoting responsible farming and environmental stewardship.

Savor the exceptional taste of our balady veal, knowing that it comes from a pure and natural source deep in the valley. Elevate your culinary creations with these frozen, vacuum-sealed cuts that are perfect for a range of delicious dishes.

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