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Boneless White Chicken - 500g - Shish Tawook
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Model: TF-boneless-white-chicken-shish
Enjoy boneless white chicken shish tawook. The white chickens are free from hormone and antibiotic usage and come deep in the countryside away from pollution and access to purest water source.Comes unsliced and in 500g vacuum-sealed bags.    ..
75.00 LE
Chicken Neck - 450g
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Model: TF-wc-neck
Enjoy organic, hormone and antibiotic free white chicken neck.Comes skinned and in 450g vacuum-sealed bags...
45.00 LE
Model: Tf-duck
Enjoy Egyptian baladi duck from the valley. Fed on farm greens and grains free from chemicals and hormones.Comes cleaned and frozen at +/-2.5kg..
225.00 LE
Fayoumi Balady Chicken
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Model: TF-baladi-chicken
Grass and grain fed fayoumi baladi chickens raised on a farm in the deep valley.Delivered cleaned and frozen in vacuum sealed bags of 0.7-2kg Read more about the baladi chickens Faiyumis are a hardy breed, and particularly well sui..
75.00 LE 90.00 LE
Minced Chicken - 500g
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Model: TF-chickenminced
Enjoy minced white chicken.The white chickens are free from hormone antibiotic usage.Perfect for chicken sausages, kofta or unique dishes calling for minced chicken.Comes minced in 500g vacuum-sealed bags...
80.00 LE
Turkey Giblets
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Model: TF-turkeygiblets
Try our turkey giblets of liver and heartComes frozen in 500g vacuum-sealed bags    ..
60.00 LE
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