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Raw Thick Unpasteurized Ziziphus Valley Range Honey
New Hot -23 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Tayyiba Farms Model: TF-sidrvalley
Enjoy premium raw unpastuerized Sidr Ziziphus honey. This honey is organic and produced within the valley ranges of Qina and Luxor district. This is one of the most purest premium honeys to find in Egypt and highly recommended for it's medicinal properties. The mountain range ziziphus h..
100.00 LE 130.00 LE
Raw Unpasteurized Nigella Sativa (Black-Seed) Honey
New Hot 2-3 Days
Model: TF-rawhoney-blackseed
Enjoy premium raw unpastuerized black seed honey. Sourced from a clean pure source in upper Egypt valleys that is free from chemicals and harvesting from sprayed sucrose.Comes in 800g jar...
150.00 LE
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