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Thyme Honey - Raw Unpasteurized - New Season
New Hot
Model: TF-rawhoney-thyme
Enjoy premium raw unpasteurized thyme honey. Sourced from a clean pure source in Upper Egypt green valley that is free from chemicals and harvesting from sprayed sucrose.Production date: June 2020Our ‘Thyme’ raw honey is a rare premium grade honey that's produced specifically here for export..
200.00 LE
TigerNut Flour - 250g
New Hot
Model: TF-tigernutflour
Tigernut is a flour safe for use for gluten and nut intolerences. It is not a nut, as the name states, but a root vegetbale. It suits many types of diets like Paleo, Keto, diabetic, raw food and is particularly important to the vegan diet. It’s a friendly alternative that’s has a naturally swee..
140.00 LE
Vanilla Kefir - Cow/Buffalo - Bourbon Vanilla Pod Infused - 1L
New Hot
Model: Tf-vanillakefir
Enjoy delicious kefir that’s been infused with half a vanilla pod and one tablespoon raw honey of your choosingChoose from our selection of raw honey. Made fresh for youIngredients: pure cow or buffalo kefir, half bourbon vanilla pod, raw honeyNutrition FactsWhy is kefir really good ..
75.00 LE
Veal Tenderloin Cuts - 700g
New Hot
Model: TF-veal-tenderloin
Enjoy boneless veal cuts from tenderloin area.The veal is from grass-fed livestock with a ratio of 80% green to 20% dry feed for needed nutrients, all through the lifespan of the cattle.cut into full piecesDelivered frozen in 700g vacuum-sealed bags...
185.00 LE
Washed Almond Flour (Blanched) 1000g
New Hot
Model: TF-almond-flourwashed
Almond flour that has oils extracted, washed, slightly roasted and finely milled into a white flour..
220.00 LE
Washed/Teal Coconut Flour - 1kg
New Hot -40 %
Model: TF-coconut-flwashed
1kg of coconut flour that has oils extracted, washed, slightly roasted and finely milled into a white flour..
45.00 LE 75.00 LE
White Organic Chicken - 2000g+
New Hot
Model: TF-whitechickenwhole20
Enjoy whole white organic chickenThe white chickens are coming uncaged all through their lifespan, free from hormone and antibiotic usages and fed on 50% farmer greens and 50% farmer grains free from pesticides.Comes frozen, cleaned and whole piece, weighed in 2kg in vacuum-sealed bags. +/- ..
155.00 LE
Ziziphus Mountain Range Honey - Raw Unpasteurized
New Hot -13 %
Brand: Tayyiba Farms Model: TF-sidrmountain
Enjoy premium raw unpastuerized ‘Sidr Ziziphus Mountain Range Honey’. This honey is organic and produced within the mountain ranges of Qina and Luxor district. This is one of the most purest premium honeys to find in Egypt and highly recommended for it's medicinal properties..From the ziziphus h..
130.00 LE 150.00 LE
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