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Frozen Buffalo Yogurt - 300 mL

Frozen Buffalo Yogurt - 300 mL
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Frozen Buffalo Yogurt

We offer frozen buffalo yogurt from a range of flavors made fresh upon order. Our frozen yogurt is made from the freshest of ingredients with no synthetic flavors or artificial ingredients added. Once an order is received we will make the frozen yogurt and have it out for the next delivery time.

Our frozen yogurt ingredients consists of buffalo diary from our selected farms of a base of full fat Greek yogurt. Other ingredients will include fresh fruits, refined cane sugar or honey, natural food extracts and spices. We keep our products gluten free but please note upon order that gluten free is desired as some imports might contain gluten such as chocolates.

All our added ingredients such as jams, nut butter, fruit puree, etc. will be made in-house and not outsourced excluding imports that are of a necessity such as premium chocolates.

Note that some flavors will be available seasonally or when accessible.


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