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Environmental Impact

Here at Tayyiba Farms we are very much concerned about environmental impact we are making and at every avenue and way we look to cut down on any plastic materials when possible and to establish a reuse channel for just as concerned customers. The good news is we do offer a buy back option for our jars and bottles. You can find the prices for returnables as follows:

Under 500mL glass jars and bottles - 2.50 EGP

Over 500mL glass jars and bottles - 5.0 EGP

500mL plastic freeze grade - 0.75LE
1000mL plastic freeze grade bottle - 1.25LE

We request that the jars and bottles must be cleaned and dried upon receiving from delivery personal and not broken nor cracked or chipped and the lids should be included.

To schedule a jar return please specify the amount to return in the comment section of the order checkout page. Or to return the jars and request a discount code to apply on next order.

Operations Notice
Dear Valued Customers - Tayyiba Farms will have some slight order delays from September 27 - October 1st 2023