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Fresh Raw Buffalo & Cow's Milk - 1L

Fresh Raw Buffalo & Cow's Milk - 1L
Fresh Raw Buffalo & Cow's Milk - 1L
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Tags: raw milk , dairy

Fresh unpasteurized raw milk, choose from cow or buffalo milk - In 1L glass bottles - Please do not freeze glass milk bottles

Animal feed consists from 100% to 75% greens to dry feed depending on season.

Please note to store raw milk under 3°C refrigeration. Over this or if cold chain (milk left outside of refrigeration breaking constant temperature) is broken the raw milk will curdle.

Please note that it is highly advised to pasteurize the raw milk before consumption. Once pasteurized, the milk can be stored in the coolest part of the refrigerator for around 1 week in a sterilized container.

Please check this page for raw milk quality identification

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