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Raw Milk

Raw Milk
Model: TF-raw-milk
Organic Unpasteurized Raw Cow or Buffalo's Milk - In 1L Fresh Milk Glass JarsAlways Organic From EgyptNo Hormones - No Antibiotics - Non GMO Fed Egyptian Livestock *We offer fresh milk, that has been milked within the day and out for delivery in the raw state.Please note t..
34.00 LE
Model: TF-camel-raw-milk
Now enjoy fresh raw camel milk that comes from 500km in the Matrouh and Siwa governorates of Egypt. Milk is transported in refrigerated units and gauranteed freshness. Some of the best camel milk in the world come from the West Sahara Desert.Note: milk comes in twice monthly, please check with c..
66.00 LE
Frozen Donkey Milk - 500mL
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Model: TF-donkeymilk
Frozen raw donkey milk. Sourced from donkey farm specializing in dairy. Not recommended for internal usages and used mainly as an external ingredient for beauty and health application...
500.00 LE
Model: TF-frozen-raw-milk
Organic Unpasteurized Raw Cow or Buffalo's Milk - In 1L frozen plastic bags.Always Organic From EgyptNO rBGH/rBST (Synthetic Hormones) - No Antibiotics - Non GMO Fed Egyptian Livestock Frozen milk orders; the milk is frozen immediately after it is milked from the dairy farm.&n..
22.00 LE
Frozen Raw Camel's Milk - 1L
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Model: TF-frozencamelmilk
Frozen raw camel milk. Sourced from Masra Matrouh region. In 2 frozen plastic 500mL bottles. Frozen camel milk stays with us for around 10 – 15 days maximum until reloaded Some of the Health Benefits of Camel Milk    Boosts Immunity     Diabetes Treatmen..
45.00 LE 56.00 LE
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Dear Valued Customers - Tayyiba Farms will be closed for Eid for from May 12th until May 23rd. You are welcome to make orders but it will not be processed until after 23rd of May. Friday May 8th is cut-off day. Happy Eid - Eid Mubarak!