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Raw Milk

Raw Milk
Model: TF-raw-milk
Organic Unpasteurized Raw Cow or Buffalo's Milk - In 1L Fresh Milk Glass JarsAlways Organic From EgyptNo Hormones - No Antibiotics - Non GMO Fed Egyptian Livestock *We offer fresh milk, that has been milked within the day and out for delivery in the raw state.Please note t..
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Model: TF-frozen-raw-milk
Organic Unpasteurized Raw Cow or Buffalo's Milk - In 1L frozen plastic bags.Always Organic From EgyptNO rBGH/rBST (Synthetic Hormones) - No Antibiotics - Non GMO Fed Egyptian Livestock Frozen milk orders; the milk is frozen immediately after it is milked from the dairy farm.&n..
22.00 LE
Frozen Raw Camel's Milk - 1L
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Model: TF-frozencamelmilk
Frozen raw camel milk. Sourced from Masra Matrouh region. In 2 frozen plastic 500mL bottles. Frozen camel milk stays with us for around 10 – 15 days maximum until reloaded Some of the Health Benefits of Camel Milk    Boosts Immunity     Diabetes Treatmen..
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Model: TF-colostrum
Raw frozen bovine colostrumComes in 500mL frozen bottle Colostrum is a dense fluid produced by mammals after giving birth. Essentially, this fluid is a precursor to breast milk that the mother produces in order to feed the child. The term Bovine Colostrum refers specifically to th..
50.00 LE
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