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Raw Milk

Product Description:Experience the pure goodness of our Organic Unpasteurized Raw Cow or Buffalo's Milk, now available in convenient 1-liter frozen plastic bags. Sourced from our trusted dairy farms, this milk is frozen immediately after milking to preserve its freshness and flavor. Our dairy animal..
45.00 LE
Product Description:Indulge in the wholesome goodness of our Frozen Organic Unpasteurized Raw Cow or Buffalo's Milk, carefully sourced and delivered fresh to your doorstep. Encased in a 1-liter freezer-grade plastic bottle, our milk retains its natural flavor and nutritional value, offering you a ta..
50.00 LE
Frozen Raw Camel's Milk - 1L
Product Description:Indulge in the exotic and nutritious delight of Frozen Raw Camel's Milk, a premium beverage sourced from the resilient camels that roam the picturesque Mediterranean coast of Western Egypt. This exceptional milk offers a unique blend of taste and health benefits, presented in its..
125.00 LE
Raw frozen bovine colostrumExperience the purity of nature with our Raw Frozen Bovine Colostrum. This unique substance, produced by mammals after giving birth, is a precursor to breast milk, providing essential nourishment for newborns. Our bovine colostrum specifically comes from cows.Key Features:..
75.00 LE
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