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Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Almond Milk In Egypt

Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Almond Milk In Egypt
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Enjoy deliciously fresh raw sprouted almond milk made with half a Bourbon Madagascar vanilla pod infused with sprouted almonds. Almonds are presoaked for over 24 hours prior to a blanche to rid undesired impurities and increase nutritional value instake.

We now sprout/germinate our almonds prior to a milk base. This maximizes the benefits of the nutritional value intake belonging to the almond upon digestion. Unsprouted almonds inherit many antinutrients properties that prevent the digestions of the almonds nutritional intake, by sprouting the almonds this destroys a good percentage of the antinutrients maximizing the nutritional intake.

Ingredients: sprouted almonds, half a bourbon vanilla pod, Siwa well water.

Regular 125g almond per liter

Extra creamy 250g almond per liter

Deluxe 350g almond per liter

Comes in 1L glass bottle

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