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Camel Kefir - Thick
Enjoy delicious thickened camel kefir.Our camel kefir is cultured from kefir grains base free from cow or buffalo casein and comes in 350g glass jars.Available from raw or pasteurized milkSome of the Health Benefits of Camel Milk Boosts Immunity Diabetes Treatment Pro..
85.00 LE
Camel White Cheese - 250g
Enjoy delicious camel white cheeseOur camel cheese is a complete probiotic rich camel cheese combined with the nutrients found only in camel milk.Available only from raw milk to preserve the camel nutrients.Some of the Health Benefits of Camel Milk    Boosts Immunity ..
150.00 LE
Goat Kefir
Enjoy delicious goat kefirIngredients: pure goat milk, kefir culture from grainsOur goat kefir is cultured from a base free from cow or buffalo casein and comes in a range glass jar sizesNutrition FactsWhy is kefir really good for you? Like other milk products, it’s a good source of ..
35.00 LE
Enjoy delicious cow or buffalo kefirMade with pasteurized cow or buffalo's milk. Cultured with premium kefir grains.Comes in 215ml to 1L glass jars...
25.00 LE
Purchase live milk kefir grains. One huge tablespoon, net weight of 25gThese grains have been grown in raw organic milk all through their lifetime and are extremely well taken care of, healthy and vibrant.*One tablespoon of grains will set one liter of pastuerized milk. To set one liter of r..
200.00 LE
Enjoy delicious kefir that’s been infused with half a vanilla pod and one tablespoon raw honey of your choosingChoose from our selection of raw honey. Made fresh for youIngredients: pure cow or buffalo kefir, Tahiti vanilla pod portion, raw honeyNutrition FactsWhy is kefir really goo..
75.00 LE
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