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Fresh Pasteurized Camel Milk - 1L

Fresh Pasteurized Camel Milk - 1L
Fresh Pasteurized Camel Milk - 1L
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Experience the wholesome delight of fresh pasteurized camel milk, sourced from as far as 500km in the Matrouh and Siwa governorates of Egypt. Our camel milk is meticulously transported to ensure unparalleled freshness and longevity, preserving its pure essence. With its origins in the West Sahara Desert, this milk embodies the finest quality that the region has to offer.

Indulge in the remarkable health benefits that camel milk has to offer:

  • Boosts Immunity: Packed with essential nutrients, camel milk enhances your body's natural defense mechanisms.

  • Diabetes Treatment: Camel milk has shown potential in assisting with blood sugar management, making it a valuable choice for those with diabetes.

  • Promotes Development: Rich in proteins and vitamins, camel milk contributes to overall growth and development.

  • Stimulates Circulation: With its iron content, camel milk supports healthy blood circulation.

  • Autism Treatment: Some studies suggest that camel milk might have a positive impact on individuals with autism.

  • Allergic Reactions: Camel milk is hypoallergenic and may be suitable for those with milk allergies.

  • Heart Health: Low in saturated fat and cholesterol, camel milk can be a heart-healthy addition to your diet.

During warmer months, you may notice a natural separation in the milk, with a delicate layer of water appearing at the top or some solids in the bottom. This occurrence is a characteristic of camel milk and does not indicate spoilage. Simply give the bottle a gentle shake before consumption to evenly distribute the components, ensuring a consistent and delightful taste.

Experience the richness and goodness of camel milk, sourced from distant lands and delivered to your doorstep with utmost care and dedication.

Packaging: Available in 1L glass bottles or freeze grade plastic

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