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Goat & Camel Milk

Fresh Pasteurized Camel Milk - 1L
Now enjoy fresh pasteurized camel milk that comes as far away as 500km in the Matrouh and Siwa governorates of Egypt. Milk is carefully transported to guarantee freshness and non-spoilage. Some of the best camel milk in the world come from the West Sahara Desert.Some of the health benefits of ca..
105.00 LE
Fresh Pasteurized Goat Milk - 1L
Enjoy fresh pasteurized organic goat milk. Our goat milk is free from any synthetic subtances or hormones to enhance milk production. Completely natural and from grass-fed and home-grown feed, of imported and Egyptian goats.Type of our dairy goats consists of Sanaen, Boer, Shami, Egyptian Nubian..
105.00 LE
Frozen Raw Camel's Milk - 1L
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Frozen raw camel milk. Sourced from the Western Sahara region of North West Egypt region. In 2 frozen plastic 500mL bottles.Some of the Health Benefits of Camel Milk    Boosts Immunity     Diabetes Treatment     Promotes Development  &nb..
75.00 LE 90.00 LE
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