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Cow Clarified Butter / Ghee

Cow Clarified Butter / Ghee
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Cow Clarified Butter / Ghee
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To use, you can keep your ghee at room temperature or in the fridge. Ghee is more stable than butter when heated at high temperatures. Butter can burn because of the milk protein it contains, but by removing most of these proteins from ghee, it can be heated without burning. Use ghee to saute your vegetables, cook meat, chicken or fish or to fry rice.

Ghee has immense healing benefits as it contains a balance of easy to digest fatty acids essential for healthy nerves and cells. Known for it anti-inflammatory properties, it is also rich with antioxidants and acts as an aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods. Ghee has a high smoke point and therefore does not produce damaging free radicals.

Our clarified butter and ghee is produced within our farm and is slowly boiled for a few hours to rid all impurities.

Available in 500g or 875g glass jars

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