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About Us

Who we are – What we do

We are a start-up company that wants to set a standard out there for healthy living and what it means to achieve this. We provide dairy and meat products that are on a program for organic or natural criteria; meaning no hormones, clean & purest livestock feed and water source, ventilation and wellness of the livestock and as well clean production for the dairy and meat items.

Where is our dairy and meat sourced from?

Our dairy comes from our farm in the Fayoum, oasis governorate and as well as selected farms that are united to produce clean dairy. When a new dairy farm joins our selection we run a full examination of the livestock feed, dairy and meat making sure the standard of the farm is within the criteria of organic and natural farming and we do regular inspections for wellness and ventilation of the livestock.

Open Letter from the founder

    As an individual concerned with what''s going on with the corruption of our food supply and the ignorance that follows I decided to supply what we consume within our farm and starting this food sourcing company.
    A little about myself, being born and raised in the west I had many food complications in my younger years and realized not until my adulthood that I had many food insensitivities such as a slight form of Celiac disease called leaky gut and the indigestibility of cow’s milk. In other words gluten and casein from cow’s milk was an insidious element and a the trigger on my leaky guy. The culmination of pain was becoming intolerable for me. All through my life I thought I had a life threatening situation on hand and after several futile results from doctors that were performing MRIs, x-rays, endoscopes, ultrasounds, and blood tests among other things, all through my young age into adulthood, it wasn’t until I nailed a correlation between gluten products that was triggering my chronic symptoms. But it did not stop there; casein from cow’s milk was also suspect. My body also has medium to minor reaction to hydrogenated foods, GMOs, synthetic sugars and artificial ingredients.
    After removing these foods from my diet I can for once live healthy and breath comfortably.
    I take it as a blessing that my body can not process these types of foods. We are all witnessing an epidemic of modern diseases and we all need to take charge of our lives.

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