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About Us

Our Mission

We are an Egypt-based start-up dedicated to providing healthy and organic dairy products to consumers everywhere. At our farms, we make sure to produce goods that are naturally safe to consume. We do not give steroids, hormonal injections, or GMO-based feed to our livestock. This is because we feel it goes against our standards to provide people with chemically altered dairy products.

The entire input and output system at Tayyiba Farms is designed to be completely natural and fresh. We ensure that there is proper feed for all our livestock and that they’re kept in a safe, natural environment with full ventilation. Our products are fresh and fully organic.

As a company, we are growing every day! While currently, we have a few ongoing projects, as we grow, we aim to offer even more services. Follow up with us regularly to learn all about our upcoming projects.

How Do Our Farms Work?

To make sure that our customers get each product rich in quality, we have established a rigid selection criterion. We have a farm in the Fayoum and Mersa Matrouh region, as well as other farms that outsource us their produce. All these sources raise and keep the livestock in a pollution-free, healthy environment with pure water and feed. The finished products are completely authentic, with no preservatives added. We also carry out routine inspections and quality checks to keep up with quality standards and expectations.

We conduct our production, packaging, and distribution processes in a bacteria-free environment and deliver the products safely to everybody’s doorstep. Our fresh and nutritious line of products include:

·         Dairy Products:

Kefir, butter and ghee, cheese, raw milk and yoghurt.

·         Meat and Poultry:

Poultry, beef, lamb and goat meat.

·         Other items:

Deserts, natural raw honey, flour and raw products.

A Word from Our Founder

Growing up in the West, I had no idea about my dairy food insensitivities. Like almost every person that I knew, I relied on the corporate dairy sector to provide me with apparently healthy dairy products. I suffered from leaky gut and was clueless about my diet issues. Not knowing what to do, I went overboard with a sort of medical treatment but to no avail at all.

As I reached adulthood, I educated myself on my insensitivities, such as cow milk indigestibility and gluten intolerance. I realized that, like many people around me, I had moderate reactions to synthetic additives, hydrogenated foods, and GMO-infested products. All these years of trouble finally led to me dropping such artificial dairy products.

No one can deny the importance of healthy living. While there are numerous foods to choose from, it can be difficult to find the healthiest option. I, too, faced this struggle quite often. Hence, I initiated this start-up to provide a service for those looking. I wanted to ensure that there was a reliable option for consumers looking for fresh and healthy food!

Now, every product that our customers get from Tayyiba Farms comes with my assurance and promise of original quality. In an industry that relies on artificial means to produce more and extend shelf life of their products, our products are free from all additives and preservatives.