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Model: TF-chickenbroth1L
Enjoy a superfood of chicken bone broth made from organic hormone and antibiotic free chickens. Comes concentrated in a broth simmered for 18 hours+. Comes frozen in 1L jarsIngredients: chicken broth bones (drum sticks, chest, feet), apple cider vinegar, filtered water For taste: fresh tomato, garli..
60.00 LE
Chicken Broth Bones - 2kg
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Model: TF-chickenbrothbones
Enjoy organic chicken broth breast and drumstick bones Comes in 2kg vacuum-seal packaging.    ..
115.00 LE 130.00 LE
Chicken Gizzard 500g
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Model: TF-cgizzard
Try our chicken gizzard. Comes frozen in 500g vacuum-sealed bags..
30.00 LE
Chicken Liver & Heart
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Model: TF-cliverandheart
Try our chicken giblets of liver and heart Comes frozen in 500g vacuum-sealed bags..
50.00 LE
Chicken Neck - 600g
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Model: TF-wc-neck
Enjoy organic, hormone and antibiotic free white chicken neck. Comes skinned and in 600g vacuum-sealed bags...
35.00 LE 55.00 LE
Model: TF-wc-wings
Enjoy organic, hormone and antibiotic free baladi chicken wings. Perfect for fried/grilled chicken wings or soups. Comes and in 600g vacuum-sealed bags...
55.00 LE
Model: Tf-duck
Enjoy Egyptian baladi duck from the valley. Fed on farm greens and grains free from chemicals and hormones. Comes cleaned and frozen at +/-2.5kg..
225.00 LE
White Organic Chicken - 1.2 - 1.5 kg
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Model: TF-whitechickenwhole
Enjoy whole white organic chicken    The white chickens are free from hormone and antibiotic usages and fed on 80% farmer greens and 20% farmer grains free from pesticides.    Comes cleaned and whole piece, weighed in 1.2-1.5kg in vacuum-sealed bags. ..
120.00 LE
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